Meet Chetna

I am passionate about this city.

The first time I hung out in Guelph was when I was in university, my high school friends had come to UofG and I was studying anthropology at UofT so I spent weekends and summers having deep discussions about film at the the Albion and watching Bif Naked at Club Denim and seeing around me the living proof of what I was studying - that the city around us defines our culture and relationships to each other. Even before moving here we would come every single year for Canada Day at Riverside Park - my kids' age can be tracked by their size compared to the carousel!

I am committed to the work.

I am easy to talk to and will listen to you. I have a degree in anthropology, and a degree in early childhood education, I have years of professional executive experience in change management and years of volunteering and learning about Guelph’s municipal issues - which is all to say - I would be good at this. I would be an excellent city councillor and you should vote for me because I can guide us through healthy growth.

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