Vote October 24th 2022


Ward 6

Communication matters! Building right saves us money and preserves our quality of life. Councillors need to make neighbourhoods feel involved so that they're not surprised when things pop up around them. We need safe streets, informed and engaged councillors, and a rec centre that is well-designed. Ward 6 is growing fast, so let's grow smart.

The decisions we make today about how Guelph grows have to make sense in the long term. The decisions we make today with affect how our city is experienced by the next generation. The best way to make those decisions is for council to know our community and do the groundwork.

We need affordable places to live, manageable taxes that deliver on services, and resources to support our growing community.

Ward 6 needs its rec centre built; we need reliable transit and organized roads; we need achievable housing; and we need policies that will assist our children. I will not let Ward 6 be left out of the conversation.

Vote October 24th

Early voting October 8-10 and 14-16

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